Feb 13, 2020Liked by Casey Botticello

This was by far the most useful article I have found explaining the tools available to Medium writers. The fact that they are free is the cherry on top!

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Apr 4, 2020Liked by Casey Botticello

Wow thank you sir!

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Feb 23, 2020Liked by Casey Botticello

These articles have been a godsend! Medium does such a bad job explaining how to succeed on their OWN platform! It’s actually ridiculous. But thanks to you and a few of the writers you mentioned I have stuck with it and am finally making money on Medium. It was not easy, but I had a blog for to years prior and I never made a penny off of that so even $10 for any article is a blessing πŸ’•

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May 26, 2020Liked by Casey Botticello

Thanks for compiling this list! I'm new to Medium, so this list has been so helpful in speeding up my learning curve!


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