⭐ New Blogging Guide Subscriber Feature: My Personal Monthly Income Report

How much money I make on Medium, Substack, Amazon KDP, freelance writing, and more!

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to add a new feature exclusively for paid Blogging Guide Subscribers—a monthly income report, detailing my earnings from blogging, digital publishing, and my other related passion economy ventures.

This new featured section in Blogging Guide will be sent out once per month. I decided to try out this new earnings report after receiving a lot of requests for similar details. And because (as explained below) I think it will help others trying to make money through digital publishing.

This monthly income report will include my earnings from:

  • Medium1

  • Substack2

  • Amazon KDP3

  • Ghostwriting/Freelance Writing Projects4

  • Website Earnings5

  • New Projects TBA!

Why Share Your Income Report?

There are several reasons that I am sharing my monthly earnings report, to the subscribers of Blogging Guide.

  • Transparency—While I probably share more personal blogging related data than most writers, I am always looking for ways to bring my readers along with me on my journey as an online content creator. It is hard to make money through digital publishing. The typical earnings reports, that I see, come from people at either earnings extreme. For example:

    1. How I Failed at Blogging and Made $.02 in One Year (“Failure”)

    2. How I Make $233,430.54 per Month Blogging From My Van (“Success”)

My earnings reports will not be anywhere close to those upper .001% reports. However, I have been studying digital marketing for years, and I have built up several income streams over time. My hope is that this data and commentary will help creators understand what it takes to be a part of the “creator middle class” and provide realistic earnings expectations.

  • Documenting Challenges—One of the things I’ve realized in my private conversations with fellow content creators, is that many readers assume that I am constantly experiencing success. This is not at all true. As with most entrepreneurs or passion economy creators, 99% of the things I do fail. However, the few that succeed are given a disproportionate amount of attention, which can make other people feel like they are alone in their struggles.

I am hoping that this monthly newsletter issue will help provide context for any numbers that I share, and remind fellow creators that success typically occurs over long periods of time and is hardly visible when examining it up close on a daily basis. There are no magic hacks. But you can learn from people who have documented their experiences and significantly accelerate your learning curve.

  • Providing Value—My main goal in writing is to add value to people’s lives. If I can provide value to my subscribers by sharing earnings data, I will gladly do so! I have discussed bits and pieces of my earnings data elsewhere, but not in a concise, yet detailed monthly report, documenting the highs and lows of making money as an online creator.

If you are already a paid subscriber, you will be receiving the first issue in a few days and no further action is required.

If you are a free subscriber (or have just stumbled across this article), you can click the button below to subscriber to my newsletter, Blogging Guide. You can also click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a part of our writing community!

As always, I am so appreciative of all the support from readers, and I hope you enjoy this new segment on my monthly earnings!

Until next time,



I will show the Medium Partner Program earnings reports for 3 of my Medium accounts.


The Substack numbers are covering the newsletter you are reading, Blogging Guide.


I have ghost-written numerous eBooks in the past, and I still earn a small amount of passive income from these.


This section only includes any freelance writing that I do. Not included is any income from content marketing/SEO/reputation management relating to my political opposition research firm, Black Edge Consulting.


I have not enabled display ads (or any type of ads) on my main website (BloggingGuide.org), but should I choose to do so in the future, I would probably include those earnings details since they would primarily be driven by my blogging efforts.