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Blogging Guide is a newsletter which helps writers navigate the digital publishing landscape and shows them how to monetize their writing.

Blogging Guide’s newsletter contains industry insights and analysis on digital publishing platforms and blogging, from me, Casey Botticello.

Many of you probably know me from Medium (I write articles dissecting a number of platforms, including Medium and Substack) or from my Medium Facebook Group, Medium Writing, the largest Facebook group for Medium writers. Some of you may also know me as the editor of Personal Finance and Canva Design, two other Substack newsletters.

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About Me

I am an internet entrepreneur, experienced writer, and digital marketing consultant. In addition to having started countless online businesses, I previously worked at a lobbying and strategic communications firm and a ridesharing tech startup.

I am the editor of several top Medium publications, including:

I am also the admin of the largest Facebook Group for Medium writers, Medium Writing. I am also the admin of Substack Writers, the first Facebook Group dedicated to helping Substack writers achieve success.

Blogging Guide Content

Blogging Guide is unique in that it focuses specifically on making money by writing online, whether that means blogging or through content marketing. 

I am focusing on dissecting the large digital publishing platforms, such as Medium, Substack, WordPress, HubPages, Quora, LinkedIn, Vocal, Write.as, and Ghost.

In addition to breaking down, reviewing, and sharing tips to succeed on these platforms, I will also be including content aimed at helping writers with social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

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