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Welcome to the Blogging Guide newsletter!

Blogging Guide is a newsletter which helps writers navigate the digital publishing landscape and shows them how to monetize their content.

Blogging Guide’s newsletter contains industry insights and analysis on digital publishing platforms and blogging, from me, Casey Botticello.

Many of you probably know me from Medium, from my Medium Facebook Group, (Medium Writing), from my Substack Facebook Group (Substack Writers), or from my website

About Me

I am an internet entrepreneur, experienced writer, and digital marketing consultant. In addition to having started countless online businesses, I previously worked at a lobbying and strategic communications firm and a ridesharing tech startup. I currently consult for a number of tech companies focused on the passion economy.

I am the editor of several top Medium publications, including:

I am the editor of several Substack newsletters, as well:

I am also the admin of the largest Facebook Group for Medium writers, Medium Writing. I am also the admin of Substack Writers, the first Facebook Group dedicated to helping Substack writers achieve success.

Blogging Guide Content

Blogging Guide is unique in that it focuses specifically on making money by writing online, whether that means blogging or through content marketing. 

I am focusing on dissecting the large digital publishing platforms, such as Medium, Substack, WordPress, HubPages,, NewsBreak, Vocal, Amazon KDP, and Ghost.

In addition to breaking down, reviewing, and sharing tips to succeed on these platforms, I will also be including content aimed at helping writers with social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

This table of contents is intended to serve as an organized list of content for readers checking out my newsletter for the first time, free sign ups, or paid subscribers looking for the links to their premium content.

The first section contains links to content available to all free sign ups. Free signs ups are users who sign up for the email list, but don’t actually subscribe to the paid newsletter.

The second section contains links to content available for paid subscribers. Paid subscribers refer to users who have paid either an annual or monthly subscription fee (or have been gifted or “comped” a subscription).

Content for Free Sign Ups

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Premium Content for Paid Subscribers

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  6. Learn new skills with our course library(now including our Medium Writing Course & Substack Newsletter Course).

1. Premium Articles

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2. Digital Downloads

This section contains an updated list of paid subscriber-only tools which are available for download.

  1. Custom Medium Article Drop Caps Letters (A-Z)

  2. Custom PPT Editable Templates for Stunning Medium Article Images

  3. Custom Article Page Dividers

These tools can otherwise be purchased through my Gumroad store.

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3. eBooks

You can also download our subscriber-only eBooks:

  1. Quora Marketing

  2. Reddit Marketing Strategy

  3. How to Create Your Own WordPress Website (Today)!

  4. Gumroad Guide: A Guide to Selling Digital Products on Gumroad and Making Passive Income

  5. How to Sell on Fiverr

  6. The Definitive Guide to HubPages

  7. Vocal.Media Guide: How to Make Money Writing on Vocal.Media

These eBooks can otherwise be purchased through my Gumroad store.

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4. Media Contact Lists

Subscribers to Blogging Guide have access to a series of comprehensive media contact lists organized by media organization and by topic. These lists contain up-to-date contact information for various writers, reporters, and editors.

These lists are valuable because they help writers easily reach out to industry insiders, making the process of getting coverage of their own website or product much easier. These lists are also great for pitching your own articles to editors.

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5. Canva Templates

Custom image templates are fantastic at driving organic traffic and ranking in Google, but are usually to time-intensive for most writers.

Solution—Blogging Guide’s Easy Edit Templates!

The templates offered here allow anyone (regardless of their level of design experience) create stunning custom blog featured images with the free version of Canva. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, you can easily change the text, drag and drop your own images, and customize these templates.

Below is a preview of some of the Canva templates available to Blogging Guide subscribers:

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6. Courses

Paid subscribers to Blogging Guide also get free access to our collection of courses! We are actively working on expanding this section of bonus content, but we already have courses covering two popular digital publishing platforms—Medium and Substack. These courses are offered to our paid subscribers as a free bonus (or can alternatively be purchased through Gumroad):

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