At some point, there will be a deluge of AI generated content, and humans who write will be able to charge a premium for something created by an organic being.

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Wow, this was such an insightful read! Thanks for sharing.

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"If you’ve used ChatGPT, you’ve likely encountered some error message saying that “my knowledge only is current as of ____ date.”

I will say that for users who upgrade to the paid GPT-4(V) model that issue is a thing of the past. Since it is now able to browse the internet in real-time with Bing (and a recent update integrated it into the main workflow without having to awkwardly switch modes) you can use the tool in a similar manner.

In fact, after reading your article, I test drove it with a few basic prompts like "Browse the top 3 headlines in the New England Journal of Medicine and Scientific American and suggest topics for a Substack post on them" and was pleasantly surprised with the speed and quality they came up with timely and relevant ideas!

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