February Medium Earnings Newsletter (UPDATED)

Medium Blogging Guide Monthly Newsletter | Volume 8

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Hello everyone!

This is the eighth monthly newsletter from our Medium publication, Blogging Guide. This newsletter is intended to help Medium writers by providing up-to-date Medium writer earning data, useful Medium guides with the latest tips and tricks, and a selection of articles (both from myself and other Medium Writers).

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This group was created so that Medium writers could share their articles and discuss making money as a writer on Medium. This group is run by Medium Blogging Guide,Casey Botticello, and Linda Williams.

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Now onto the interesting stuff!

Medium Partner Program Monthly Earnings Data

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I have been keeping track of Medium Partner Program monthly earnings data, through a post that is updated monthly as a resource to writers.

This article is updated monthly and can be found here:


Here are some other stats Medium included on their Partner Program as of February 2020:

  • $7,732.85 — the highest amount earned for a single story

  • $17,914.66 — the highest amount earned by a single author

  • 8.3% — the percentage of active writers who earned over $100

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Medium Blogging Guide Author Earnings Survey

Every month we conduct a survey of Medium author earnings, to see how writers following our publication are doing. Below are the results from the February earnings survey. We had 144 responses! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Overall, the earnings chart above suggests that readers of Blogging Guide are more successful than the general writing population.

In the general Medium writer population, typically 7%-9% of all active writers earn more than $100 in any given month. Among the Blogging Guide respondents, 50.7% earned over $100 per month!

It will be interesting to see if and how this trend shifts in the coming months since the new payment system based on reading time.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing on Medium

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This interactive guide contains answers to virtually any Medium related question you might have!

Posts From Various Medium Writers That I Found Useful

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Below are some of the posts from different Medium writers (about writing on Medium) that I found useful, and would highly recommend you check out! In no particular order:

Medium Article Formatting

medium formatting guide, medium article format, medium format, medium article formatting, medium writing format, medium hacks

One of the new sections of Blogging Guide is our section on Medium formatting. Medium Formatting is a series of short, actionable tips and tricks covering specific features and tools that many writers are unaware of on Medium.

To see all the Medium Formatting tips, click here.

Medium Curation Checklist

This article contains the 5 key article requirements for Medium article curation. While these are not all hard and fast rules, following these guidelines will optimize your chances of being curated.

Medium Writing Tips

This article is a collection of Medium writing tips. Click here to read more.

Trending Posts From Blogging Guide, You May Find Useful:

Until next time!


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