Digital Publishing Platform Updates and News

Blogging Guide Content Review for May 2020

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Welcome to the second monthly Platform Updates and News.

This segment will cover news or updates relating to major digital publishing platforms, including Medium and Substack.

I will also include any Blogging Guide-specific updates and a concise list of some of the top articles from Blogging Guide, posted this past month.


Platform Updates and News

Medium staff released 5 new articles in May.


  1. Your Stories, Heard and Shared

  2. A New Responses Experience

  3. How Medium is Improving its Writer and Reader Experience

  4. Connect with the reader and make your writing flow

  5. Finding New Routines

Medium Platform Changes


Platform Updates and News

Substack staff released 6 new articles, and 1 new video in April.


  1. Substack Podcast S2E01: Local news with Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger

  2. What's next for journalists?

  3. Switching to Substack from Patreon

  4. Group publishing tools on Substack

  5. Announcing Season 2 of the Substack Podcast

  6. New: Substack writer workshop series


Scott Hines of Action Cookbook will share how he successfully grew his email list on Substack in less than a year.

Substack News

  • Substack has announced it is bringing back its podcast for season 2.

  • Substack is holding a series of writer workshops.

Blogging Guide News

April Articles on Blogging Guide

In case you missed it, here are some fantastic articles covering Medium, Substack, and digital publishing in general, this month, on Blogging Guide:

  1. How to Establish Authority as a Blogger

  2. Podcast Episode Covering Substack, Medium, and Amazon KDP

  3. Bookshop Review for Bloggers

  4. Medium Earnings Report for April 2020

  5. Medium Platform Insights: Is Medium revamping its letters function?

  6. 3 Ways to Use Medium as a Lead Generation Tool

  7. New Slack Channel for Paying Subscribers

  8. Creating The Perfect Medium Profile Bio

May Industry-Wide Articles

These articles were not written by me, but are some resources that I found useful:

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